Butcher Creek Landfill Expansion
Temporary Rain Cover Installation
Chase City, Virginia

Project Summary

The Southside Regional Public Service Authority (SRPSA) owns and operates a RCRA Subtitle ‘D’municipal solid waste landfill in Mecklenburg County, VA.

An expansion of the landfill of approximately 10 acres was constructed in 2018, with a new composite liner system permitted and installed for future waste disposal.

To keep the liner system (and drainage layers) protected, SRPSA opted for a RhinoSkin® Woven Coated Polyethylene (WCPE) rain cover over the cell as filling progresses over the next several years.

Not only does the RhinoSkin® protect the valuable liner system, it also keeps rainwater out of the leachate collection system, which saves the landfill substantial operating costs.

The Challenge

Expansion of the Butcher Creek Landfill required a new composite liner system.

The Solution

RhinoSkin® geomembrane was used as a temporary rain cover over the new cell.

The Installation

Large, prefabricated panels were easy to deploy and position for rapid coverage.

The Result

Tough, durable protection of the new cell, with leachate reduction benefits.


  • 12-30 mil Woven Coated Polyethylene geomembrane barriers
  • Woven HDPE reinforcement scrim with heavy-duty extrusion
  • Outstanding puncture, UV, and hydrostatic resistance
  • Non-toxic, no PVC or hazardous materials used in manufacturing
  • Engineered solution for wind uplift resistance using earth anchor
  • Standard exposed and buried warranties available

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