A Changing World

In our rapidly changing world, construction material specifications and methods of construction are also changing. Since inception in 1987, Schwartz Kristoffel Engineering Services Limited has consistently brought new ideas into the construction industry, making us a top engineering company in Nigeria.
Our strong focus on Technology and Materials Engineering has enabled us customize Civil Engineering construction materials developed in the temperate region to make them suitable for use in African and currently working on a plan to begin local manufacturing of these materials in Nigeria in the future.

Ahlotable Engineering, Procurement And Construction {EPC} Contractor in Nigeria.

Schwartz's access to technology and its leadership in Materials Engineering over the years has provided us the competencies that enabled us transform our business from a Technology and Materials Engineering company to a complete Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) solution provider in the past ten years.

Schwartz Kristoffel uses its access to technology as a competitive edge and this has made it become the preferred engineering company in Nigeria for some of the large stand most complicated projects especially in the oil and gas industry for the multi-National Oil companies.

To respond appropriately to new opportunities, we have reorganized and refocused our business into four key sectors:
Technical and Materials Engineering
General Construction
Real Estate Investment and Development
Energy Generation and Distribution Infrastruction.

A Future Committed To Growth And Founded OnTru st And Partnership.

Today Schwartz continues to carefully plan for a future committed to growth, founded on trust, and built on an unwavering commitment to our shared vision and an enduring partnership with our international technology partners and our clients.

We pledge to continue to carry out our business with every sense of responsibility, holding on firmly to our corporate culture and our cherished values of integrity, honesty, and adaptation of technological innovations to deliver the highest quality to all stake holders-these are the very values at the foundation of the extraordinary success story of Schwartz Kristoffel over the years.

Having established itself firmly in the Nigerian market, our company is now looking outwards to extend service to other African countries where it has identified some growth opportunities.

Only recently Schwartz was entrusted with the implementation of Geosynthetics solution for the construction of some highway projects in the Republic of Togo and Ghana as well as an integrated lining project in Benin Republic.

We have established temporary offices in Ghana, Angola, and South Africa with our Lagos office providing support for all our international operations.

A Business Built On The Philosophy Of "Growth Of Business Through Growth Of People"

In our construction business, we strive to ensure that we execute any project entrusted to us in the most efficient and cost-effective way, using construction materials and adopting construction methods that optimize efficiency and have minimal impact on the environment.

In all our activities we have remained true to our time tested policy of `` Growth of business through Growth of People``, a policy that has been at the base of our relationship with our staff, host communities, and all stakeholders, and a policy which has helped us keep focused on our plan to commence local manufacturing of the Geosynthetics products, Gabions, and other high-performance Civil engineering construction materials in Nigeria for local use as well as for export to other parts of the world.