Gabion Mattresses in Nigeria.

Welded mesh gabions are valid and effective technical solutions in the design, construction, and maintenance of a variety of civil structures.
They can provide an effective, economical, and environmentally acceptable solution to a range of civil engineering problems.

Gabion Boxes & Mattresses Products

Schwartz Gabion Boxes & Mattresses Products, since its inception in 1998 has been striving to provide the highest level of service and commitment to its customers that is unparallel in the mattresses and gabion Industry. We believe in being dynamic and responsive and customers always comes first.

With a proven track record of supplying gabion boxes, our products have a reputation of being the best in quality Schwartz Gabion Boxes 8i Mattresses Products are in full compliance with relevant American, British and African Standards Some of the common standard are as follows.

For over a century gabion boxes have been used widely in construction work worldwide. Gabions, by virtue of their matchless strength, excellent engineering ability, and proven reliability, have become the chosen material for a tremendous variety of construction works. This is a brief look at the many applications, specifications, and advantages of Schwartz Gabion Boxes & Mattresses Products.

Schwartz Gabion boxes are made of triple * twisted hexagonal mesh fabric.

The steel mesh fabric possesses high mechanical strength, and triple twist weaving of wire prevents unraveling. Gabions are a
trusted, well-proven, and technically sound way to retain soil and to combat erosion. Their strength comes from a triple twisted hexagonal mesh of steel wire, which is reinforced by selvages of heavier
gauge wire running along the edges and by transverse internal diaphragms. The triple twist wire configuration ensures that minimal strength reduction occurs.
* (Schwartz Gabions can be supplied in 5 Twist as well which is proven to have better load-bearing strength than the traditional triple twist.)

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